Hi! I'm Lo, a Kinesiology graduate currently earning my Masters in Exercise Physiology.

My journey into fitness began in 2006 when I joined my neighborhood Jump Rope team! After years of competing around the country, making appearances on national TV networks, and teaching the sport to the youth, my passion grew tremendously!

In college, however, I gained the infamous "freshman 15,", lost all muscle definition, and abandoned my fitness routine completely. I did the bare minimum to stay active before realizing I was doing my body a disservice. This realization led me back to the gym, reigniting my passion for exercise through jumprope! I've not only reshaped my body, but also improved my mental health and self confidence along the way.

Lo Fitt has become an extension of my passion for fitness. Fitness has changed every aspect of my life and it is my mission to serve as a source of encouragement for all to get fit, one jump at a time